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Sponsor a Family This Holiday Season

Help us Reach our Total Goal of $750

Mother Goose Resale is sponsoring 3 local families in need this year. Here are 2 ways you can support them.

  • Donate a financial gift. 100% of the donation will go into our charitable fund for their families to be used on items they need and gifts for their children.
  • Bring in items to be consigned on the charitable account. 80% will go toward the fund. 20% will go toward overhead costs of the store.

    Who are we supporting?

    Family 1- Young family including mom- female (19), dad- male (20), baby girl- (3Mo), and their large dog. They have been homeless for over a year together, but they just moved into an apartment and are making huge progress in their lives. We met them here at Mother Goose while pregnant with their sweet baby girl. Male (20) wants to go to Mechanic School. Female (19) will be finishing high school this year. Baby Girl (3Mo) currently in foster care but coming home soon. 

    Family 2- Single parent with 2 year old child and two dogs. The family is currently on housing assistance with very limited ability to work due to extra high needs of the child. We met their little family here at Mother Goose 2 years ago. 

    Family 3- Single parent with a 4th grade girl, and a medium dog companion. They are also currently on housing assistance. This hardworking parent began a new job after 3 years of being unemployed. 

    (To respect these families further details are confidential)

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