Corvallis, OR Location

MGR Corvallis, 1810 SW 3rd St, Corvallis, OR  97333 

Store Hours: 11-5 Tuesday-Saturday
(closed Sun/Mon)

Phone: 541-753-6903

We have a great selection of new and pick a bin LEGO's

New & Used LEGO!

 Want to consign your gently used items?

  • No appointment needed!
    • (we are not currently taking mail in consignment).
  • You earn 50% of the selling price for 60 days after they sell.
    • After items expire you have 7 days to retrieve them if you wish.
    • Items my NOT be retrieved before the expiration date.
  • Any items not retrieved by day 67 become the property of the store.
  • Maximum of 20 items every 7 days (once a week) per household.
    • Please bring in no more than 20 items for us to look at.
  • Items MUST be free of damage, pet hair, odors and freshly washed laid flat or neatly folded in a box or basket.
  • We DO NOT look at items in trash bags.
  • Any items that are found with damage after being accepted will automatically be donated without further notice.
  • You can receive your payouts online or in the store, you may also use your profits to purchase (trade) from our store.